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Buy coins, earn interest, and rest easy knowing only you control your money on our secure wallet. 

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How It Works

Radiant helps you earn interest by converting dollars to crypto and then lending to crypto traders.

1. Convert Dollars to Crypto

Radiant helps you convert US dollars into crypto and then deposit that crypto into lending programs where you’ll receive interest in return for depositing.

2. Set Your Preferred Lending Type

Select which type of lending you'd like to participate in to earn interest based on your preferred risk level.

3. Lend Your Stablecoins in 3 Taps

Radiant does the legwork of connecting to the most trusted protocol with the highest interest rates, according to your lending preferences.

4. Earn Interest and Withdraw Anytime

Once your coins are deposited they will instantly begin earning interest. They can then be withdrawn at any time and converted back into dollars.

Use Trusted Protocols

Radiant partners with top Defi protocols to provide the highest yields and safest experience.

"Radiant is a friendly, fast, and low cost DeFi experience. This is the future of DeFI user experience. We’re excited to help enable their vision."

Jeremy Black

CEO Ratio

"Just like Robinhood simplified stock market investing, Radiant aims to make Defi investing easy and accessible for today's retail investors. We're bullish on the future with them!"

Ben Chow

CEO Jupiter Aggregator

Access the Best of Defi

Beyond earning interest Radiant offers the best of Defi including the best trade prices, early access to new coins, Solana Pay integration and more.

Get in early on new investments

Access coins as soon as they hit the market with Power Mode.

Get the best prices on trades

Buy using trade prices scoured from all exchanges across Solana and (soon) Polygon.

Buy with one click

Buy and trade coins without hunting for the right pair - let Radiant do that for you.

Own Your Crypto

Radiant is non-custodial. No one can seize or censor your funds. You have full control.

Access the largest selection of coins and yields

Invest across all major exchanges on Solana and (soon) Polygon blockchains.

Coming Soon

Earn high interest for holding your coins

Beat inflation while earning interest high APY's depending on risk level.

Coming Soon

Make investment decisions all in one spot

Access ROI data for each coin you buy and price trends all together in one app.

Defi earning made easy

Download the app to start earning interest in seconds

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